Monday, 21 March 2022

A Return to Running!

 Hello there!

Today sees me returning to something that I love but haven’t done for quite a while: running! Those of you who have been doggedly following my blog for some years will know that I used to run quite a bit and, indeed, I would regularly post on here regarding my progress. Unfortunately, all that came to a crashing halt when I developed Covid back in March 2020. 

Sure, I had a few stalled attempts to get back at it, but Long Covid is a bitch, taking a good twelve months to get anywhere near ready to exercise again, then the vaccinations wiped me out somewhat. As a result, I fell back on beautiful walks in the countryside to keep me fit and relatively sane.

Well, today, I just felt like getting out there and having a blast down by the River Lune. I’m so glad I did as i clocked up 4.95km in about 33 mins. Like Iß say in the video, hardly a world record, but such an improvement on what I had been doing.

Anyway, I’m hoping to make this a weekly thing. Let’s see how it goes.

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