Friday, 15 April 2022

Short Story - Dog Days

 Welcome to this month’s short story where Yours Truly reads the short, quirky zombie story, Dog Days.

This particular story was one of those sit down and write it in one session stories. I was in the process of compiling a selection of short stories for my first anthology Oh Taste And See and decided that I was a few short, so spent a few days bashing out some random ideas that I had bouncing around in my head. One such idea was centring a story around a zombie dog. I decided that I wanted a character that would be gruesome to behold but would be devoted to its creator. I then started to ponder about what said owner might want to do with their new found zombie. The obvious sprang to mind: eliminate someone who let their dog defecate everywhere and eradicate the annoying kids from next door.

Okay, so obvious to me…

As a result, Dog Days  was born.

Fun fact, I normally see this story in a cartoon panels when I’m reading it, with the diary writing protagonist looking somewhat like Dennis the Menace’s dad from the Beano. In fact, at some point I would love to see it turned into a mini comic strip, but that would require me to have a few more hours in the day than I actually posses. So, for now, it remains in Oh Taste and See and the Macabre Collection: Volume One, both of which there are links to here should you be tempted to purchase a copy.

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