Thursday, 16 June 2022

Short Story - Nightingale

 Hello there and welcome to this month’s short story video.

The vampire Nightingale has long been a fan favourite with my readers and, I must admit, also with me. She always comes across as a very human character, even though she is in possession of superhuman strength, longevity and a whole collection of vampiric abilities and gifts. This short was intended to give her a standalone moment where we could really get to know her. Previously, she had just appeared briefly in The Case of the Vexed Vampire, which ties in with this short, surrounding the complicated birth, as it were, of Dave Nichols as a vampire. 

I love how she still has a bright outlook on things here. We see her and Marcus mingling at the comic convention and, whereas Marcus is quite disparaging of the whole thing, Night finds it all rather intriguing. 

The story itself took a while to write. I remember starting it when I was actually attending a comic con myself and, my overactive imagination being what it is, I wondered how a vampire would see all those densely packed bodies in their varying outfits. So, I scribbled down a rough plan and typed out the first few paragraphs. I then got ensnared in Sam Spallucci: Ghosts From The Past and the story got sidelined somewhat. I came back to it about nine months later, knuckled down and finished it off.

You can find it in its original place in Oh Taste and See, but also in my vampire collection Children of Cain: A Vampire Omnibus where it sits alongside the other stories that contain Dave, Nightingale and Nightingale’s errant brother, Justice.

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