Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Short Story: Extraction

       Greetings all and welcome to this little article about one of my shortest pieces, Extraction.

This tiny piece of flash fiction is taken from my first horror anthology Oh Taste And See. I’ve always been a fan of short-form fiction and poetry. When I was a teenager, I was a classic reluctant reader. I never read poetry over half a page long and novels were way beyond my interest. Instead, I would plough through Stephen King’s short story collections such as Night Shift and Skeleton Crew. It was only later, as my reading increased in confidence, that I started to venture into the world of novels. As I did so, my own writing style began to grow and evolve. 

But, I never left the world of small-form behind. Even now, as an adult, I still love to pick up a novella or a short story and read it in one sitting between household chores or my own writing projects. I love how it takes skill and ruthlessness to pare a large piece down to bare bones and be left with an understandable piece of fiction. Extraction was my first attempt at this. From what I recall, I had been watching The Andromeda Strain. There is a scene in that film, near the end, when one of the scientists has to run to shut down the destruct sequence for the base and I think that was sort of an influence for the little scene that Extraction sets for the reader.

I hope you enjoy my reading of it. You can find this story in its original place in Oh Taste and See, and also in my Macabre Collection. There are purchase links over on my website.

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Take care and keep looking out for what lurks in the shadows…


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