Wednesday 10 August 2022

Spalluccipedia: Spud

      Greetings one and all and welcome to this monthly dive into the shadowy world of my fictional paranormal investigator, the one and only Sam Spallucci.

This month I want to have a quick chat about a fan favourite, Spud the grotesque. We first meet the animated piece of stonework from the roof of Lancaster Priory in The Case of the Grotesque Graffiti, the first case in Sam's third book, Shadows of Lancaster. Sam encounters him tagging the door to the Ashton Hall around the back of Lancaster’s Town Hall. Not wanting to lose track of the street artist, Sam rather recklessly jumps onto Spud’s back before he flies off to his impromptu gallery down on the Quay. This then leads to a confrontation with a far more conservative chief grotesque on top of the Priory which ends up with a pile of rubble on the floor and a severely shaken investigator of the paranormal.

We then come across Spud in Dark Justice when Sam goes for his advice concerning the rogue king of the vampires. By this point, the friendly grotesque has been appointed as the replacement for the former leader of the grotesques, a position which he takes with great pride and has developed even more when Sam and he cross paths again in Fury of the Fallen.

Spud is one of those characters that I have always enjoyed writing. He has a very distinct personality and it is fun to watch it evolve. He is a wonderful comic relief character with his straight talking and dry wit. I can see him appearing again from time to time and I’ve always fancied writing a standalone short story from him, should I have the time. I hope people continue to enjoy him as much as I do.

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