Sunday, 31 July 2022

A.S.Chambers - August Roundup

 Greetings all…

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I personally have been having a few weeks off, doing what I enjoy most for rest and recreation: walking. It’s been great to get out in the countryside and enjoy my local North Lancashire and venture further afield to beautiful Keswick, taking in the glorious stone circle at Castlerigg. It’s a location that I would love to use in the Sam Spallucci books, but could be a bit of a stretch, although in 2024’s Lux Aeterna he will be going on a road trip with a certain vampire in search of a certain sword, so who knows…

So, now I’m back off my hols, I’m hard at it once again. I’ve spent the last few days polishing off the next Bobby Normal outing, Bobby Normal and The Fallen. It’s been a great one to write and is my definite favourite of the series to date. We catch up with Bobby after the devastating end of Bobby Normal and the Children of Cain and follow Bobby as he gets drawn into the world of the fallen angel Asherah. It was interesting to write this one at the same time as Fury of the Fallen as I was able to make some cross-references between the two books. BNTF should be out Easter 2024.

The Kickstarter for my seventh Sam Spallucci book, Fury of the Fallen, is now live. Following on from the devastating events of Bloodline, Fury sees the arrival in Lancaster of two fallen angels: the narcissistic Asmodeus and the seductive Asherah. Sam gets drawn into their web of lies and deceit as he tackles rebelling ghosts at Lancaster Castle, bewitched books at the Old Pier Bookshop in Morecambe and a genie who can’t stop himself from granting absurd wishes. The Kickstarter reached its target in just 40 minutes! I was totally blown away by everyone’s support. 

Also, a quick word about book signings and appearances. I’m going to be out and about three times during August. On the 6th of August, I’ll be making a much welcome return to Wigan Comic Con. I think it’s been three years since the last one, so it will be great to meet up with familiar faces. On the 13th of August, I’ll be guesting at CoCo Comic-Con here in my very own Lancaster! This will be a small affair at Pizza Margherita and will be focussing on small creators. I’m really looking forward to it. Then on the 28th of August, I shall be returning to York Comic Con at the York Racecourse. This is always a fantastic event and is well worth attending. You can find details of all of these events, and more, here

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