Saturday 23 July 2022

One Minute Workshop: Write to Write

      This month, I want to have a little chat about something that I get asked a lot, and I mean a hell of a lot. People will come up to me and ask, “What genre should I write in order to ensure that I get published?”

My reply is always this: “Why are you thinking about getting published?” Basically, writing is an art form. It is there for us to explore various ways that we can express feelings and emotions that are within us. Think about a painter or a sketch artist. They normally have a pad or canvas set up where they can let their imagination run riot and experiment with whatever is currently bouncing around inside their head. 

This is how the writer should approach their creative process. If we have an idea nagging at us, then we need to explore it or it can just get in the way of other things and we become convinced that we have writer’s block, whereas what the problem is, in reality, us not following our creative muse, so to speak.

Now if in the process we get published, then that’s fabulous. But the publication of work should be secondary to its creative journey. We should enjoy our writing journey, not try to force a literary square peg into a round hole. We should be proud of what we create rather than stress about whether or not some publisher in an office will like it.

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