Saturday, 16 July 2022

Short Story - Biscuit Tin of Doom

      Greetings one and all! This month’s short story video is Biscuit Tin of Doom which is taken from my first horror anthology, Oh Taste And See.

Back in the sepia-coloured days of my teenage years, I had a Saturday job selling Clarks shoes on a concession in my local Burton’s Menswear. My mum had been the cleaner there for some years so kindly arranged for me to have a trial over a couple of weeks. It was discovered that I had a head for selling, was neat and polite and got on with the rest of the staff, so I got the job. I stayed there for about three years. 

It was the beginning of an on-and-off relationship with the retail sector that has been with me throughout my adult life, always providing a nice little fallback should I need an injection of income. I’ve worked in shoe shops, gentleman’s outfitters, jewellers, paper shops and off-licences to name but a few. However, the one which sticks in my memory most is that first teenage Saturday job. The reason is the people that I worked with, one of the most memorable being the store manager. I think it is safe to say that he was a chap who lived on nervous tension. A chain-smoking, cola-swilling, Mars Bar-consuming bag of energy, he was one of those who was convinced that if something could go wrong, it would go wrong. I’m sure most people reading this can think of someone like that whom they have worked with. So one day, when the idea of the eponymous biscuit tin came to mind, I immediately saw my old store manager being the one fretting about whether or not it should be opened.

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