Sunday, 10 July 2022

Spalluccipedia: Williamson Park

Greetings one and all and welcome to this monthly dive into the shadowy world of my paranormal investigator, Sam Spallucci.

This month’s video has me wandering around somewhere in Lancaster that I frequent a lot: Williamson Park. Situated at the highest point for miles around, when viewed from Castle Hill on the opposite side of town, it creates the illusion that a green canopy surrounds the city with the glorious Ashton Memorial standing sentinel, peeking up majestically from the lush undergrowth.

Originally a huge quarry, providing the vast majority of stone from which many of the buildings in Lancaster were built. It was then decided in late Victorian times that it should be repurposed as a park but no one actually set the wheels in motion until Lord Ashton took up the reins and hence, the completed park was named after his family: Williamson.

The park’s crowning glory is the Ashton Memorial which the aforementioned local Lord had constructed as a memorial to his wife. There is also the butterfly house which used to be a tropical plant greenhouse. 

The park is a must-see spot for any visitor to Lancaster, providing not only a wonderful place of calm and lovely little mini-zoo, but also the best view of Morecambe Bay and the lower Lake District for miles around.

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