Saturday, 2 July 2022

A.S.Chambers - July Roundup

Well, June has been an exceptionally busy month. It saw the publication of Bobby Normal and the Children of Cain, the midway point in the five-book series set post-divergence, which will tie into the penultimate Sam Spallucci book, To Dare The Dragon. You can buy standard copies over on Amazon or signed copies direct from Yours Truly. Just follow the links on my website. I’ve even got a special offer of all three Bobby Normal books over on my eBay page.

This week just gone saw me finish the first draft for a Child of Light: Alec's Story. This novella is going to be one of a duology. It will be released next year alongside the other half, Child of Fire: Amanda's Story, and will provide a pair of companion books to Sam Spallucci: Lux Aeterna. The two books will follow the adventures of the Twins that are mentioned throughout the Spallucciverse as they spiral into the world of Sam.

I've also been working on a new set of videos. They are Easter Egg videos for all my stories and I'm hoping to release one every fortnight or so. They will be previewed initially by my Book Club members before being released into the wild a week later. All my Book Club members will receive an automatic shoutout and all future Kickstarters will offer shoutouts for my new books. If you fancy a shoutout on these videos, Book Club membership starts from just one pound a month and all proceeds go towards helping me pay for artwork and publication costs on my books. You can find out more here.

Talking of Kickstarter...

July 25th sees the launch of the Kickstarter for Sam Spallucci: Fury of the Fallen. This is the seventh out of the ten adventures for Sam and will see the fallen angels Asmodeus and Asherah rock up in Lancaster, sending his life down a decidedly interesting path. The Kickstarter is going to have some cracking rewards. As well as the shoutouts and book bundles, there will be two opportunities to choose bizarre cases for Sam as well as the chance to have your surname used for a family who will be brutally murdered by Asmodeus, not only in this book but also in a short story that will appear in the anthology Out Of The Depths. You can see a preview and details of the Kickstarter here and a sign-up for notifications here

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