Saturday 10 September 2022

Spalluccipedia: Alec The Twin

 Greetings one and all and welcome to this monthly dive into the shadowy world of my fictional paranormal investigator, the one and only Sam Spallucci.

This month I want to have a quick chat about one of the major side characters in the ever-expanding Spallucciverse: Alec. We first come across the boy who is described as being in his late teens right at the beginning of Sam’s journey in The Case of the Satanic Suburban Sitcom. Sam first spots him outside the White Cross industrial estate before he enters John O’Gaunt Media, then, later on, it is apparent that Alec saves our hero from being sacrificed.

It’s during Ghosts From The Past that Sam gets to know Alec better and, in fact, lets him move into his attic room. However, when I say, “Gets to know Alec better,” it’s always apparent that the boy is hiding things of importance from Sam, especially what seems to be a very older personality hiding within him. He lets things slip from time to time such as his angelic parentage, but on the whole, the boy plays his cards close to his chest, normally infuriating Sam.

I actually came up with the idea for Alec before I started writing Sam’s adventures. When I was eighteen, I started a “novel” about a teenage boy who kills his abusive parents and then runs away from home. I didn’t get very far, but I do recall he was going to hitch up with a sexy older woman and there would be gypsies. Please remember, I was just eighteen… Now, the sexy older woman and the travelling companions may have long since been ditched, but as I write this I’m actually working on Alec’s origins novella, Child of Light, and let’s just say that things won’t pan out very well for his parents, or should that be, those who are posing as his parents. 

As the stories continue, Alec and his sister Amanda will become more and more integral to the expanding universe and, as the Divergence approaches, you will start to see just how important the Twins are and why the vampires are supposed to protect them.

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