Saturday 17 September 2022

Short Story: Teeth

 Greetings one and all and welcome to this month’s short story, Teeth.

Originally published in my Oh Taste And See anthology and then in my Macabre Collection: Volume One, this tale of dentures, nightmares and childhood terror was one of the first non-Spallucciverse stories that I wrote. At the time, there were a plethora of adverts on the radio for teeth implants, encouraging people to do away with the awkwardness and discomfort of dentures. Promises were being made of a nice new smile which was easier to maintain and didn’t need soaking overnight in a glass tumbler.

Now, I have an overactive imagination at the best of times, and upon listening to these tales of wonderful dentistry, I couldn’t help but wonder: What would the old dentures feel about being thrown away? So, it didn’t take me long to sit down and take a piece I had written in my late teens and bring it bang up to date, complete with the disturbing dream sequences regarding the marionette (Because let’s face it, marionettes are seriously creepy…)

So, the next time you think about trading up for the next latest and greatest, just bear a quick thought for that thing which you’re getting rid of. They might not like being consigned to the drawer, wastebasket or recycle bin…

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Take care and keep looking out for what lurks in the shadows…


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