Sunday, 12 March 2023

Short Story: First Hunt - Then

 Hello and welcome to this month’s short story video.

This time around, it is the turn of First Hunt: Then, one of two short vampire stories from 2015’s anthology All Things Dark and Dangerous (links for which you can find at

I’ve always been a fan of vampires; more so than werewolves. This is why they feature as heroic figures in the Spallucciverse. However, I’ve always despaired somewhat at stories where they’re put up on untouchable pedestals. When I read vampire fiction that basically regurgitates the same language and tropes as Dracula (which I hasten to add is one of my favourite books), I sigh in despair. That iconic novel was written over one hundred and twenty years ago. Surely, vampires, like humans need to move with the times?

So, when we see my vampires, the Children of Cain, they are very much characters of their own time periods. They neither ravish virgins nor laze around in an armchair in a “sanguine haze”. They are still rather human, with all our human problems.

The two First Hunt short stories really illustrate this, showing how vampires who take waifs and strays under their wings are just as must at sea as a human counterpart would be.

I hope you enjoy this one. First Hunt: Now will follow next month.

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