Thursday, 2 February 2023

A.S.Chambers - February Roundup

 Good morning one and all after what seems to have been an incredibly long January.

Well, the mornings and evenings are starting to get lighter so it’s time for me to start thinking about waking up from hibernation and cracking on with more writing. I always find December and January hard to write in as I’m an early riser, normally up with the sun. So, when the sun decides that it doesn’t want to put in an appearance until gone nine in the morning, that makes my creativity plummet. 

Having said that, I have ventured out of my bear cave from time to time to scribble certain things down and, as a result, Sam Spallucci: Lux Æterna is now about three-fifths complete. So far, I have first drafts of the following cases: The Weird Wonderland; The Zealous Zombies and The Argumentative Archaeologist. Last week I started on number four, The Ridiculous Retreat (although the title may change on that one), with The Crying Crucifix standing in the wings, waiting to see the light (see what I did there…?) as number five. 

The biggest challenge with Lux is that it is now in the same time period as Fallen Angel which is already written, albeit not yet published. As a result, I am frantically noting things down on a wall planner and in a diary to make sure that the correct events happen at the correct time. I’ll probably do a special Spalluccipedia video about this micro-management either later this month or in March. I think you’ll find it fascinating to see how all the stories weave together. Archaeologist alone links into about five other stories. 

More imminently, though, for publication is Out Of The Depths. The Kickstarter for this launches at the end of the month and all Seraph members of my Book Club will receive a signed copy of this new material anthology as part of their membership when it publishes in April. If you’re not a Book Club member, make sure that you sign up for notifications regarding the Kickstarter project. You can do that here.

Before that, I’m looking at publishing the second Macabre Collection in late Feb, early March. Look out for its cover reveal later this month.

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Take care and keep looking out for what lurks in the shadows…


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