Sunday 22 January 2023

One Minute Workshop: Posture

 Hello and welcome to this little one-minute writing workshop.

It’s quite a short one this time as, quite frankly, the video says it all, but it could be the most important thing that you’re ever told about writing.

When we write, we can become so totally absorbed in our work that we lose track of ourselves. As our hero romps off to battle trolls or our antagonist sits plotting their Machiavellian schemes, we can gradually lose track of how we are sitting here in the real world.  And, quite frankly, this can be disastrous. If we’re not aware of our posture, our writing can take a huge toll on our body: our shoulders will ache, our spine will stiffen and even our leg muscles can seize up. As a result, writing can become physically laborious, tiring and downright painful. When this happens, we end up grumpy and out of sorts. We become over-critical of our work due to our bad temper and we see it as something that requires battling with, rather than enjoying. 

So, as your hero or heroine wanders off into the wide, blue yonder, make time to stop, stretch, get up and move around and give your body some love. Straighten yourself up, unkink those muscles and relax into this hobby or job that you love. With good posture comes great writing!

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Take care and keep looking out for what lurks in the shadows…


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