Saturday, 7 January 2023

Spalluccipedia: Asherah's Origins

 Greetings and welcome to this monthly dive into characters, places and themes in the ever-expanding world of my paranormal investigator, Sam Spallucci.

This time around, I want to have a little chat about one of my favourite side characters, the fallen angel Asherah. Ash has cropped up, at the time of writing, three times in Sam’s books. We first hear the click of her killer heels in The Case of the Fastidious Phantom, she is the mysterious benefactor of sociopathic Malcolm Wallace in Ghosts From The Past and she is Sam’s love interest in Fury of the Fallen. Not only this but she and her partner in crime, Asmodeus, have appeared in numerous short stories as well as in the Bobby Normal stories, showing that they are still wreaking their own version of chaos long after Kanor has reduced humanity to a remnant.

I first used Ash in my as-yet-unpublished magnum opus, Fallen Angel. We see how she fell from grace and follow her route towards the events of the Divergence as her path entwines with the story's protagonist Abaddon. The keen-eyed readers out there will probably have noted how there are certain things referenced in the Sam books (especially Fury of the Fallen) which will be scenes from Fallen Angel. Indeed the two books are taking place at the same time, hence the cross-overs.

So, I hope you enjoy the video as I explain Asherah’s origins in my stories and how I pulled on the mythological version, expanding and fleshing out the fallen angel to produce the femme fatale of the Spallucciverse.

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