Saturday 14 January 2023

Short Story: Needs Must

 Hello and welcome to this month’s short story video.

This time around, it is the turn of Needs Must, a quirky little tale from 2015’s anthology All Things Dark and Dangerous.

Needs Must tells the story of Odd Bod, a solitary troll who lives down the bottom of a well and has a supply problem. He’s run out of food. Human food. Over the years, humans would come to the well to draw water and he would prey on those unsuspecting souls who did not know of his existence. However, the well has now dried up and Odd Bod needs to go and see what has become of his food source. Unfortunately for him, he encounters a small, red-headed girl.

This has been a firm fan favourite and always raises numerous chuckles when I read it at events and book signings. It remains to this day one of my own favourites, too. I feel I capture Odd Bod perfectly on his climb up the well and eventual… well, I’d better not give any more away right now.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Take care and keep looking out for what lurks in the shadows…


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