Sunday, 9 October 2022

Spalluccipedia: Constructs

      Greetings one and all and welcome to this monthly dive into the shadowy world of my fictional paranormal investigator, the one and only Sam Spallucci.

This month I want to have a quick chat about those clay-based, shapeshifting golems of the Spallucciverse, constructs. We first come across a construct in The Case of the Vexed Vampire when Dave Nichols instinctively despatches one without realising what it actually is. This story establishes that they were sent back in time by Kanor to infiltrate humanity and thin the herd, so to speak, of vampires. Sam next encounters them in Dark Justice, both in their human form and their natural monstrous form. They have cropped up again in Troubled Souls and will also feature in Fury of the Fallen and To Dare The Dragon, to name but two outings. 

Sam, however, is not the only one of my characters to go head-to-head with the mindless denizens of Kanor. In the Children of Cain shorts we’ve seen all the vampires take them on in one form or another. Not only this, but as the Bobby Normal books are set post-Divergence, there are literally constructs on every street corner. In fact, the first encounters for both Sam and Bobby with a construct in its natural form were actually written within a day of each other. If you compare the passages in Dark Justice and Eternal Talisman, you can see real similarities. 

As I say in the above video, the original design for the constructs was based on a comic strip from the old, short-lived Starlord comic. The image of these faceless golems haunted me as a kid and I knew I had to use it as the basis for these foot soldiers of Kanor. I’ve attached this image for you. Unfortunately, it's not very good quality, so I apologise. 

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