Saturday, 12 November 2022

Short Story: Relic

     Hello and welcome to this entry about a short story I wrote some years ago.

Relic made its publication debut back in 2015’s All Things Dark and Dangerous. It tells the story of a set of stones which rise to international fame after they are unearthed in an archaeological dig.

I seem to recall this was one that I more or less wrote in an afternoon. Archaeology fascinates me and I often wonder just how many things that we take as fact are in actuality completely wrong. This little story is based on some cobbles behind my house where I did indeed spill some white gloss paint after touching up some rusty paintwork on my car. As I stood there looking at the small, spindly trails of white, the thought did indeed pass through my head as to what an archaeologist might make of them, say in a thousand years or so. It didn’t take my overactive imagination long to turn this into a cataclysmic event.

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