Thursday, 10 November 2022

Spalluccipedia: Myth

Greetings one and all to this little dive into the characters and topics that make up the Spallucciverse.

This time around I want to have a little chat about the use of Myth in Sam’s world. I am a huge fan of ancient myths. As a western culture, we are obviously used to the Greco-Roman ones concerning Zeus, Apollo and all the Olympian pantheon. We learn at a very early age through history at school about how the Romans believed that the gods above constantly interfered in the affairs of humanity below.

However, this is such a small part of the finely crafted quilt of ancient stories that were woven together in an attempt to understand the world around us. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been immersing myself in ancient Canaanite myths surrounding El, Asherah and Ba’al. It is fascinating to watch how they have gone on to leave their mark in the ancient Hebrew myths and Biblical texts.  

This is something which we can easily overlook with myth. We often see a particular myth as belonging to a particular group of people, when it has actually developed over hundreds, if not thousands, of years to the point when it is finally recorded. Even then, as is seen in Roman mythology, that is never the end for a myth. New people can come along and develop it even further.

To a certain extent, this is something that I’m playing with in the Spallucciverse. I take established tropes and myths, study them and see where I can take them next.

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