Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mister Meniere's in the driving seat.

Another Thursday; another run. Finally managed to kick Mister Meniere's out of the driving seat and took full control, although it was rather exhausting. Mind you I did manage to find a handy sign post to catch a quick power nap against, so that helped.

A.S.Chambers nappingMeniere's Disease is a funny old thing. I'm constantly aware of its insidious presence: tinnitus jangling away, that feel of travel sickness rolling around in the background. However there are definitely certain things that act as triggers and will inevitably cause a full blown attack.

I have two big fingers on the trigger of my inner ear, both of which have been firing potshots at me this week. First, the lack of sleep the other night caused by a rampaging kitten (see Previously On Dizzy Deviant). Second, and this can be the more debilitating of the two, the anxiety caused by unfamiliar situations.

This weekend sees me tootling down to Buxton for UNICON. This was a last minute, spur of he moment decision which, at the time of booking, felt like a great idea. However, as the days trotted past, the subconscious of Yours Truly started to chip away at the granite edifice of my confidence.

“What if they didn't get your payment?” it would whisper. “What if traffic’s bad? What if it's a dead loss? What if you get stranded in snow? What if a meteorite hits the convention centre?”

So, by midweek, I was a gibbering wreck and Mister Meniere's twirled his waxed moustache, proclaiming, “Mwahaha! You are mine for the taking!”

Overthinking things really is not a good idea…

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