Monday 29 February 2016

The Dizzy Deviant starts his diary.

My name is Austin Chambers. As well as being an author, I am a lifelong sufferer of Meniere's Disease (that's the dizzy bit) and a lover of all things weird and wonderful – from horror novels to fantasy art, from top hats to delicious vegan cuisine (that's what some folks would call the deviant bit).

Dizzy Deviant enjoying a run
The general purpose of this blog is to ramble on about how these and various other random things affect my life. It will be scribbled on my version of the back of a fag packet (my phone) whilst sat in a local café consuming a post-running breakfast. So don't expect the entries to be exceedingly deep or the length of War And Peace as when I've finished my beans on toast and my cup of tea I shall stop, get up and stagger home stiff and achey in the knowledge that all this exercise lark is really good for me, honest.

So, now I had better get on with the rest of the day and start bashing out another Sam Spallucci book before I have impatient readers hammering at my door.

And with that, I finish my breakfast and today's blog entry.

Cheers, Austin.

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