Thursday 15 April 2021

A Release Date for Bobby Normal!

A warm welcome to one and all on what is a glorious April morning. 

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last few months with the production of Bobby Normal and the Eternal Talisman. Special thanks go to my lovely patrons who subscribe on a monthly basis, receiving all manner of goodies every week. Also, a big dose of gratitude to all of you who backed my immensely successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s overwhelming success far exceeded my humble expectations and it was wonderful to see, for the first time on a Kickstarter, new readers signing up to the ever-expanding Spallucciverse.


BNET is currently scheduled to be published on 30th April.

It will take me a couple of weeks to get my physical copies after that but, once they are in my possession, I shall post them out to my Seraph patrons, my Kickstarter backers and all those who have pre-ordered them directly from me. If you would like a paperback copy, please drop me a line through the contact form on my website: Alternatively, should you fancy a Kindle version, you can pre-order one from Amazon.


I am hoping, once things are safer, to hold a signing at First Age Comics on Moor Lane in Lancaster. I am also planning ahead for something a bit larger either late this year, or sometime next year. But more on that as it evolves...


So, after BNET, what next?


Well, be prepared to be hit with not one, not two, but potentially THREE books. The second Bobby Normal book, Bobby Normal and the Virtuous Man is in its final stages of editing, as is my next anthology If Ye Loathe Me. It is possible that BNVM might actually come out late summer, depending on time constraints. I’ve really been in the zone with Bobby, and the stories are coming thick and fast. I think you’ll love them. If Ye Loathe Me, although it is near completion, won’t be published until early 2022 – something creepy for those dark, wintry nights. This is because it contains stories that are set directly after the next Sam Spallucci book, Bloodline.


And what of Sam’s next adventure? We left him hanging at the end of Troubled Souls with the knowledge that his ex, Caroline Adamson, wanted him to appear on her prime time TV show and with strong hints that the Bloodline of Abel were alive and kicking in Lancaster. Well, Bloodline will pick up exactly where Troubled Souls finished and, trust me, it will be the biggest roller coaster yet for poor Sam. More on that next time. The book itself is half way through its big edit and the incredibly talented Liam Shaw is currently creating some amazing lycanthropic cover art, so I am hoping to publish in November. Ideal for Christmas!


Don’t forget that amongst all this writing, I have a steadily growing YouTube channel. Make sure to check it out and subscribe.


That’s all for now.

Take care and stay safe!