Thursday 31 January 2019

At last, an update!

At last, an update from A.S.Chambers. 

    January has been a fantastic month at Chambers Towers. Normally, once the ice hits and my beard starts to freeze, I make like a grizzly and hibernate, emerging only to mauling to a painful death anyone who is daft enough to wake me. This year, however, has been surprisingly productive.
     First, Children of Cain – A Vampire Omnibus has seen the light of day. Compiling all the short stories
surrounding the vampires that exist in Sam Spallucci’s world, it makes a tidy little anthology and is a must buy for the avid collector of my books or anyone who wants to have a taster of my work outside the life of Lancaster’s beleaguered investigator of the paranormal.

     It was wonderful to work with the amazingly talented Liam Shaw once more as he transformed the vision of constant reader Ann Daniel when she won the competition to design the cover for the book. This is the second time that I have collaborated with Liam as he brought the cover to Mourning Has Broken into life back in 2018. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for Songbird.

   Speaking of which, I am just about at the end of the second draft of the origins story for Nightingale the vampire. A firm favourite with my readers, it was only right that I go back and explore certain elements of her history. These include: her life before being turned; her time at All Saints church (which she refers to in Sam Spallucci: Dark Justice); her relationship with her and Justice’s vampire father, Doulos and of course the cataclysmic events of the short story Family. It has been an absolute joy to work on Songbird and I know that many of my readers can’t wait for its release.

     January has also seen something quite momentous for me. On the whole, most of my books have been published through Amazon’s KDP platform, which is easy to use and provides a good online marketplace for them. However, I have now re-released the third edition of The Casebook of Sam Spallucci through a platform that will reach high street stores. I intend to do the same for all the other Sam books and, later on this year, I shall be approaching the likes of Waterstones and W.H.Smiths. Watch this space.

     Well, that’s all for now. There will be another post here in a few weeks. I’ll share it out on social media, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, I had better crack on with the fifth Sam Spallucci novel Troubled Souls.

All the best and keep looking in the shadows,

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