Tuesday 15 December 2020

Here's to a cracking 2021!

         Welcome to what will be my last blog of 2020.


I think it is safe to say that we did not see this year coming and it has indeed been a somewhat tempestuous year for all concerned. I just want to take this moment to say a huge, heart-felt “thank you” to all my readers and supporters out there. The job of being an author can, at times, be a desperately lonely one with only the crazed voices of one’s characters in one’s head to talk to. In a normal year I would be travelling around the UK attending conventions and signings, not only selling my wares but also meeting up with real live human beings. It is this person to person contact which can help keep one on the narrow path of sanity. However, 2020 whipped this little security blanket away from my grasp and laughed in my face as it doused my comforter with a highly flammable liquid before torching it. 

But, this horrid year did not anticipate all the lovely people out there who continue to enjoy my books and send me messages of warmth and encouragement. This has meant so much to me over the last twelve months, even more than normally. I lift my cup of coffee and send you all a toast of thanks!

It is with all your support that I have been able to publish two books this year whilst working on more for 2021. This summer saw the release of Sam Spallucci: Troubled Souls and in November out came Hide Not Thou Thy Face. The response from you wonderful readers has been amazing. I guess I’d better write at least a few more...

So, enough of 2020. What about next year?

Well, it looks like 2021 is going to be my busiest yet!

The first of my Young Adult series will be published around Easter time. Bobby Normal and the Eternal Talisman is a novella set many years in the future, post-Divergence. Kanor has risen and his constructs have decimated the population of the world. Bobby and his kid sister Katy find themselves tasked with taking the Eternal Talisman to the Virtuous Man in the hope that he can use it to overthrow Kanor himself. I’ve really enjoyed writing this one as it has finally let me play with this post-apocalyptic landscape that I’ve been hinting at since the very first Sam Spallucci book back in 2011. I’m now half way through writing the second outing: Bobby Normal and the Virtuous Man. Watch this space for a release date and Kickstarter.

As well as Bobby’s first outing, there will be the next Sam Spallucci book: Bloodline. This is about a quarter finished as I type and it continues straight on from the events of Troubled Souls. Not only is Sam’s ex back on the scene but it would appear that the werewolves of his universe, the Bloodline of Abel, have their sights set on his city. A word of warning though; this one will be an absolute tear-jerker with the life of one side character turned upside down and another... Well, can’t say too much. Spoilers and all that. I am hoping to publish Bloodline in the summer, but best laid plans and all that, so we shall have to wait and see.

Also planned for 2021 is the next anthology: If Ye Loathe Me. This is actually more complete than Bloodline at the moment and will include a good number of shorts and three prologues to Sam 7, Fury Of The Fallen. Looking at Christmas next year for this one.

I have had a feeling for the last year that a hardback omnibus is due for the first three Sam Spallucci books. All being well, I look forward to getting this out next year along with a short book of poetry. (If you think my prose can be weird, well you ain’t seen nothing yet...)

I’ll leave it there for now and send you all seasons greeting. I hope December sees you and yours safe and well and I look forward to seeing you all either physically or virtually in 2021.


All the best!