Tuesday 13 June 2023

Spalluccipedia: Dalton Square

 Greetings and welcome to this monthly dive into characters, places and themes in the ever-expanding world of my paranormal investigator, Sam Spallucci.

This time around, I want to have a little chat about a location: Dalton Square in Lancaster.

Dalton Square is the location that I use the most in my Sam Spallucci books, mainly because that’s where his base of operations is located. He has an office and a flat above the Chinese restaurant there, the Paradise Dragon. Both of them he has rent-free because of the supernatural pickles he got the proprietor out of. 

In real life, there is indeed a Chinese restaurant in the square. I frequent the Fortune Star quite a lot myself. It is well worth a visit. As is the Borough, the pub which I use as Sam’s drinking hole. 

Historically, Dalton Square as it is now was developed in the late Victorian era with the Town Hall and the statue of Victoria herself following after the monarch’s death. It is named after the Dalton family who lived out at Thurnam Hall to the southwest of Lancaster. In fact, many of the streets around the square are named after members of the Dalton family, who were one of the richest families in the area.

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