Sunday, 1 May 2022

A.S.Chambers - May Roundup

 Good morning and welcome to what seems to be a rather damp start to May.

First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported my latest Kickstarter for Bobby Normal and the Children of Cain. The project reached its target in less than an hour, which is amazing. It’s just so great to see so many of you wonderful people eager to read the third outing for Bobby and his kid sister Katy as they journey through the Divergent Lands with three familiar figures from the modern-day stories of Sam Spallucci.

The Kickstarter has about six days left and there are still plenty of rewards available, including bundles which contain the first three books of the series, the vampire books Children of Cain and Songbird, plus one with The Casebook of Sam Spallucci. So something for everyone. You can have a look here.

Talking of Sam, two exciting pieces of news on that front! First, his next adventure, Sam Spallucci: Fury of the Fallen, is now complete! This, the seventh book in the series will be out this autumn and will see my beleaguered investigator of the paranormal recovering from the after-effects of Bloodline. He will have a new houseguest in the form of the Potency, the sociopathic rock from the beginning of time who manifests itself in the form of an eight-year-old girl, plus there will be an entanglement between our hero and the fallen angel Asherah who sweeps into his life as he tries to solve the mystery of some cursed books. 

Not only that, but I have just finished the formatting of the first Sam Spallucci: Omnibus. It’s a collection of the first three books: Casebook, Ghosts From The Past and Shadows of Lancaster. I am really excited about this one as it will be my first hardback and, not only that, but the cover art is all my own work, using photography of the gorgeous Ashton Memorial.

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So, that’s all for now.

Have a great May!


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